From "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" to "Lincoln and Liberty," American Pioneer Music presents the most comprehensive website dedicated to the lost art of presidential campaign songs. We feature election songs from yesteryear, mixed with vocal sketches and professional recordings, to give understanding and context to one of the most unique features of American political history. 

Campaign songs were one of the most popular ways to spread political messages. Promoters, politicians and even supporters were able to match their own lyrics with the power of popular Irish and Scottish melodies, minstrel songs and ballads. Many of the melodies are from popular Dan Emmett and Stephen Foster songs, which will make it easy to sing along to campaign music. 

American Pioneer Music first released Abraham Lincoln and the 1864 Election in 2013 and our 2016 release The Candidates from New Yorkallows modern listeners an idea of how our current presidential campaign may have sounded if it took play 150 years ago. This modern compilation contains humor in such songs as "Oh that Donald" and "Trump Trump Trump" as well as important policy and scathing criticism as in songs like "Washington is a Hard Road to Travel" and  "When this Old Hat was New." Almost all the melodies have been used in previous election and political songs, with some based directly off of songs from past campaigns, such as "The Clinton Girl's Song."

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Election Songs features presidential campaign song lyrics from American History. Our 2013 album, Abraham Lincoln and the 1864 Election and our 2016 album The Candidates from New York were critically acclaimed.Feel free to write us so we can add lyrics from to your favorite Presidential Campaign Songs.

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Tippecanoe and Tyler Too