From the recording The Candidates From New York

Trump Trump Trump
Air: Tramp Tramp Tramp

During the Civil War, the great songwriter and publisher George F. Root had a few major successes. One of those songs, "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," became an American standard, and has been used in such well known songs as "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Naturally it also became popular for political campaigns, used for Republicans Ulysses S. Grant and William McKinley. Many songs were not necessarily filled with policy information or events; sometimes they were just simple lyrics that expressed support for a candidate. This pro-Trump song is written and performed in such a tradition.


By my barbecue I sit and I raise a glass to him,
The leader of this land so free and proud
He'll protect us from the hordes who seek to take our jobs
We raise our fists and then we shout out loud.

Trump, Trump, Trump Our fearless leader
Again he will make America great
First he'll build a wall, you can bet it won't be small
He'll get rid every little thing we hate.

He stands upon the podium with his arm outstretched
Compelling us to answer to his call
He'll dissolve the EPA cause it's just so bad for trade
And then he'll make more jobs for us all

Trump, Trump, Trump will be the winner
He won't take no crap cause he is the boss
From Iran to Afghanistan, he'll show them who's the man
He's going take care of Isis and Hamas.

And so I drink my drink and I wait until the day
When Donald rules the whole USA
He will fight for all that's right, And fix our urban blight
Donald trump will beat the terrorists all day.

Trump Trump Trump, will take the white house
and then he’ll turn it upside down
He’s gonna shake it up, and move some things around
This man will take the Presidential crown!