When Abe's Four Years are Over

AIR: "When this Cruel War is over" (aka "Weeping, Sad and Lonely")

Put to one of the most melancholy of all Civil War Songs, "When Abe's 'four years' are over" is a direct attack on union army contractors and their attempts to rip off the federal government. This was the first time in United States history that the federal government fought a large scale, modern war: it required the mobilization of millions of troops and hundreds of contractors to supply the army with food, clothing, transportation and other war materials. Throughout the war, there were shady contractors that had no moral qualms with taking advantage of the treasury. McCllean's supporters, who often took an anti-war stance, did not hesitate to use this in the presidential campaign. Anti-Semitic themes were not frequent but may be present in this song.

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