Title: Tip and Ty

Air: Little Pigs

Lyrics: Alexander Coffman Ross

Originally published as "Tip and Ty" in 1840, modern campaign songs sprung from the success of the below lyrics and the catchy slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!"

What's the cause of this commotion, motion, motion,
Our country through?
It is the ball a-rolling on
    For Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
    For Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
    And with them we'll beat little Van, Van, Van,
    Van is a used up man.
    And with them we'll beat little Van.

Like the rushing of mighty waters, waters waters,
On it will go!
And in its course will clear the way
    For Tippecanoe, &c.

See the Loco standard tottering, tottering, tottering,
Down it must go!
And in its place we'll rear the flag
    Of Tippecanoe, &c.

The Bay State boys turned out in thousands, thousands, thousands,
Not long ago,
And at Bunker Hill they set their seals
    For Tippecanoe, &c.

Have you heard from old Vermount, mount, mount,
All honest and true?
The Green Mountain Boys are rolling the ball
    For Tippecanoe, &c.

Don't you hear from every quarter, quarter, quarter,
Good news and true?
That swift the ball is rolling on
    For Tippecanoe, &c.

Now you hear the Vanjacks talking, talking, talking,
Things look quite blue,
For all the world seems turning round
    For Tippecanoe, &c.

Let them talk about hard cider, cider, cider,
And Log Cabins too,
It will only help to speed the ball
    For Tippecanoe, &c.

His latchstring hangs outside the door, door, door,
And is never pulled through,
For it never was the custom of
    Old Tippecanoe, &c.

He always had his tables set, set, set,
For all honest and true,
To ask you in to take a bite
    With Tippecanoe, &c.

See the spoilsmen and leg-treasurers, treasurers, treasurers,
All in a stew!
For all they know they stand no chance
    With Tippecanoe, &c.

Little Matty's days are numbered, numbered, numbered,
Out he must go!
And in his place we'll put the good
    Old Tippecanoe, &c.