Old Tip's Broom

Air: Buy a Broom

Come, patriots, come, and let's clare out the kitchen,
Let's sweep out the parlor and clean the east room,
Drive out the magrician, who long has been witching,
His schemes to dissolve, let us try a new broom:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom!

Come, every true Whig, and help handle the broom.
To nullify subs that so long have annoyed us
And have fattened themselves from the treasury spoils,

Will be the best exercise that ever employed us,
And well will reward us for all of our toils:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom?

Come, all ye true Democrats, take Old Tip's broom.
We all know our rights, let us dare to maintain them,
And sign the death warrant of Martin's downfall:
He reads not the signs, let our Daniel explain them,
Interpret the writing that's writ on the wall:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom?

Come, lovers of freedom, come take Old Tip's broom.
When the contest shall come, let us all do our duty,
And make a clean sweep of our twenty-six rooms;
We'll send the experiments' crew and their booty
To south seas exploring, with lots of old brooms:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom?

Come, patriot sweepers, and use a new broom.
Reform the reformers and sweep out corruption,
Let tyrants and spoilsmen, with faces of gloom
Hear the rumbling and throes of the earthquake's eruption,
The voice of a nation deciding their doom:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom?

To sweep out corruption, come take a new broom.
The new broom of him whom they call Old Granny,
Shall sweep out the suckers of treasury pap;
The vampires that lived on the blood of the many,
While we, the dear people, were taking a nap:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom?

Wake, Democrats, wake! and let's try a new broom.
When we were deceived by a Hickory hero,
Our credit was wither'd at his fatal touch;
Now we are insulted by this modern Nero,
Who says we are looking to him for too much:
Take a broom—Old Tip's broom?

No longer be slaves, come and try a new broom.
And when little Matty is out of employment,
With bloodhounds and broomstick, far south he might go;
In the everglade wars, he might find some enjoyment,
And end a long contest by flogging the foe;
Take a broom—take a broom?

[Spoken. Take Tip's broom ?]
[Spoken. In the everglade swamps, among the frogs
with his dogs, don't you think he'd find Sam Jones ?]
Come, patriots, come, let us try a new broom.

To end all this warring, defaulting and scheming.
This war upon labor, and credit, and banks,
On commerce and trading, a new light is gleaming,
The people will soon put an end to their pranks,
With a broom—Old Tip's broom,
They'll drive out the spoilers by using Tip's broom.