New National Whig Song

Air: Hail to the Chief 

Hail to the chief, for whom triumph advances,
Honored and blest by the people anew,
Long may the Buckeye's green o'erspreading branches
Shelter the hero of Tippecanoe!
North, send it happy dew;
South, send it sap anew; ,
Firmly to flourish as broadly it grew
Whilst every hill and plain
Echoes, in joyful strain,
Harrison! hero of Tippecanoe!

Our's is no dandy—no poor man's oppressor,
Blooming in power—next winter to fade,
When the people shall point out to Martin's successor
Oh! then shall our hero emerge from the shade,
First in the nation's choice;
Called by the people's voice;
Proudly they'll welcome the veteran anew,
Who at Fort Meigs and Thames
Was his country's and fame's—
Harrison! hero of Tippecanoe!

Loudly our tocsin was thrilled through the nation,
With Harrison's banner unfurled o'er the land.
The proud Old Dominion has taken her station,
The Empire and Keystone are taking their stand.
The Buckeye and the Bay States
We count on as first rates
To carry the gallant old veteran through;
For, tired of dallying
The people are rallying
For Harrison! hero of Tippecanoe!

Rise! freemen, rise! for the hope of the nation,
Vote for the hero and pride of the West,
Whose fitness to fill so exalted a station
His virtues both private and public attest,
Firm to his country's cause;
True to her outraged laws,
Keeping her honor and glory in view,
Triumph will grace him
Wherever we place him—
Harrison! hero.of Tippecanoe!