Title: McClellan for President

Air: Pompey Moore by John C. Cross

Sung by Cool Burgess, of Sam Sharpleys Minstrels

Kind folks if you will listen I'll sing to you a song,
It's all about the peoples nomination:
Of the present Back-woods lawyer the Country's had enough,
And we want a true Statesman for that station.
Who shall we nominate?
To save the ship of state
From wrecking in the sea of dissolution,
The people shout McClellan he has proved himself a man,
That will stand by the Laws and Constitution!

It's now three years and more since this bloody war began
And as yet there's no sign of its ending:
Now Union folks do know that Abe Lincoln don't want peace
But to ruin he is fast our Country sending;
He can't have his own way,
The people soon will say—
Who shall hold the reins of power;
For spades will soon be trumps, how are you Abraham?
And "Little Mac" the nation's right bower.

McClellan soon will stand with extremes in his hand,
To bring back the South to the Union;
It will be the greatest time in our history's page
To live once more in sweet communion;
With the Olive Branch he'll say,
Now throw your arms away
And I'll grant you all the rights of Constitution;
If then they won't come back, he will say then clear the track,
For the Sword will end the work of dissolution'