Dying Groans of the Tin-Pan

Air: Ching a Ring

(Sung at the great Ohio Convention, held at Columbus, February 22, 1840)

We have had a hard time on account of the road,
But we looked not behind, for we knew our cause was
The object of our journey was plain to discover,
'Tis to row Mat Van Buren way up Salt River,

Ching ring a ching, O ching ring a ching.

When this grand delegation will arrive at the convention,
Then we'll learn more fully General Harrison's intention,
We'll compose such a body that the Locos will look sour,
For they well know we come for to witness their last hour.
O ching, etc., etc.

The brig General Harrison is just on before
With a band of Northern Whigs ten thousand or more,
Representing when this nation was as fair as any realm—
Till little Mat Van Buren the magician took the helm.
O ching, etc., etc.

And broadside and broadside into him we send
Until he strikes his colors to the hero of North Bend,

And fields up command to the people again,
And then success to commerce and fair prices for our
O ching, etc., etc.

The Vans of Mount Vernon thought the Whigs would
give o'er
On account of the rain on the roads, but O never;
For we yield not the spirit which is roused all around
Till the great hydra monster is driven from our land.
O ching, etc., etc.

The Loco Foco party at Mt. Vernon down did look—
When they failed to steal the brig, and showed their
cloven foot,
When the Whig bugle sound and in triumph we set sail,
For a more honest party at Columbus to hail!
O ching, etc., etc.

He has taught to wean attention from the general theme,
That it's bad policy when our country's not serene;
So Medarv was instructed to spread the reason far,
They never had settled the Northwestern boundary war.
O ching, etc., etc.

The spirit of our nation is now all on fire,
But they can pay their way without stealing Quasi Quire;
We are coming from the South and the far distant Maine,
For to rally 'neath the banner of our Harrison again.
O ching, etc., etc.

The people now are coming, little Matty will be routed,
For their patience is exhausted and all Swartwouted,
Sam Medary typed a lie against Mr. Lloyd up,
But their testimony failed, and used Payne and Wilson up.
O ching, etc., etc.

Andrew Jackson recommended his dear little Van
For to follow in his footsteps and try to be a man;
But his administration has proved to his scorn,
That he is a barren stalk of great baden corn.
O ching, etc., etc.

When arriving, shouts came from the whole reform nation.
It roll'd o'er our land, then arose up to heaven;
But from a distant silent house, there came a sound of
And we soon learnt with joy 'twas the tin pan a groaning.
O ching, etc., etc.

Now we join happy thousands at the close of our journey.
At our proud Capitol all is free as milk and honey;
Now we point up aloft, where our nation's banners flying,
And this shall be the requiem for the Vans while they're
Ching a ring a ching.