From the recording The Candidates From New York

Oh, I'm a Good Old Worker
Air: Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel

After the Civil War many songs appeared showing southern dissatisfaction with the war’s end and northern reconstruction. "Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel" is one of the most lasting songs expressing this sentiment. In this 2016 version, a Trump supporter expresses feelings regarding the recent disappointment with free trade and America's perceived decline. Though the song is not as biting as the Civil War original, it still taps into a sentiment that has been recognized in some of the most recent presidential elections. This song is reminiscent of the frustrations expressed in "Old Abe Ain't it So," a George McClellan campaign song recorded on Abraham Lincoln and the 1864 Election in 2013.


Oh I’m a good old worker
Stuck paying all my dues
I was once promised Freedom
But now I’m feeling duped

Grew up in a great country
Grew up loving the land
But it has left me hungry
Though I’m an earnest man

I see men who are ready
To cross into our soil
To live here on my penny
To make our nation spoil

I’ve watched the politicians
Make claims that they will fend
Our dreams and our ambitions
They’ll guard us to the end

But all my years have caused me
To doubt their shallow words
This whole election’s tawdry
And I’m part of a herd

I want to rise above this
But I’m not well equipped
To think that I once loved this
And now my views have flipped

Perhaps the only chance left
Is to desert the game
To choose a man who has kept
It real on who’s to blame

Its not the average worker
Who causes all our ails
Denying all our issues
Makes this great country fail

Lets start a whole new chapter
Lets raise our voices too
We don’t need things like NAFTA
We sure can start anew

When I was younger I did
Work at a factory
Technology just got rid
Of guys with my story

There is a man you’ll find who’s
Mind is not decayed
He always speaks his mind and
He’s always unafraid

A lifetime of success has
Prepared him for the role
Of ruler of the free world
And god bless his soul

I’m tired of politicians
Who have their lines rehearsed
We want to choose a real man
And Trump could be the first