1. Oh That Donald

From the recording The Candidates From New York

Oh that Donald
Air: Oh Susanna

"Oh that Donald" is to the tune of the Stephen Foster classic "Oh Susanna." The Stephen Foster melody was an instant success and was used in a number of campaigns, including Abraham Lincoln's 1860 election. 19th Century songs were particularly harsh in their caricatures of politicians. The tenor and tone of campaign often did not take into consideration modern sensibilities, so physical stature and personal attributes were often criticized. This anti-Trump song would be in line with the expectations of older campaign songs.


He comes from New York City
President he wants to be
But he’s gonna have a hard time
beating Hillary
He’s gonna build a great big wall
To keep mexico at bay
And all his foreign workers
he’ll make them go away

Oh that Donald
what a goofy guy
He won’t be the first business man
to poke out his own eye.

He wants to lead a nation
of zombie xenophobes
The kind of folks who vote for him
Are missing frontal lobes
He’d like to date Ivanka
his daughter don’t you know
He tells us that he’s really smart
But he’s actually kind of slow

Oh that Donald
He’ll make you laugh out loud
He’s a serial monogamist
and of that he’s really proud

To see Trump on the apprentice
Is such a great big joke
all his credibility
just goes up in smoke
He’s the leader of the stupid
the thick and the mundane
if he becomes the president
he’ll drive us all insane

Oh that Donald
He is the moron king
When stupid people reign supreme
the mud begins to sling

You cannot be too greedy
Is what Donald likes to say
There is a lot of flubber
under his toupee
His mouth is a big sewer
His face a testicle
To listen to him speak
Is just nonsensical

Oh That Donald
what a waste of skin
after Hillary has won the race
it will be the end of him