From the recording The Candidates From New York

The Candidates of New York
Air: The Sidewalks of New York

"The Sidewalks of New York" is one of the most well-known songs in American History. Today it is often associated with fairs and carnivals as it is heard on merry-go-rounds across the nation. There was a time when it was an anthem of New York City, and used prominently during Al Smith's presidential campaign in 1928. "The Candidates from New York" is about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both of whom are running for president with New York as their home state. The song is a humorous view of the current election cycle. Moreover, it mentions all of the political characters that were part of the primary conversations throughout 2015.


Hillary and Donald
Are in New York today
Campaigning for the white house
which one will get to stay?
Bernie is a wavin’
He was a pretty bad bet
And that "lying", old Ted Cruz
I hope we can forget

Democrats Republicans
all around the town
Which political party
will bring America down
they all seem to be convinced
that they will pop the cork
when they go and win the popular vote
with the candidates from New York

Rubio was there
whineing like child
And then there was Ben Cason
who acted kind of wild
Who could forget old Jeb
And the Bush War Family
But the democratic choices
are few and far between

Democrats Republicans
fighting in the house
Over gun control
so no one shoots their spouse
election time is coming
Would Bernie eat some pork
at a cafe, waiting for the tally
with the Candidates from New York?

Then there is the POTUS
doing his stand up gig
When Obama leaves the white house
In comedy he’ll be big.
Native American Warren
the senator for consumer rights
She gave the Presidency a pass
Because she didn't have the might

Democrats Republicans
and some third choices if you please
If you want to split the vote,
and make political swiss cheese
All those politicians
most of whom should take a walk
Straight on out of politics
into the alleys of New York.

There are Trump and Clinton
down in the boxing ring
slugging out their politics
wearing all that corporate bling
Donald punches Hillary
She hits back even worse
Who ever ends up president
Will probably be our curse

Democrats Republicans
Independent nominees
All fighting for the chance
To bring america to its knees
They all like to stroll down wall street
with a spoon, a knife and fork
And dine on electorate pheasant
with the candidates from New York.